The Suture poems are digital cut-ups, using found words torn from mainstream & trash novels; as a source, I limit the poems to
the word-base found in the original text, and take great effort to birth something directionally new and distinct
from out of the non-poetic landscape of a linear fiction.

A kind of false visual evidence of the patchwork process is purposefully revealed / digitally enhanced / exaggerated,
not truly indicating the actual splice-points, but in fact creating a fiction out of the physical assembly process.



'The Coupling' was first published* in Windsor Review: Vol. 37 No. 1, Spring 2004 issue /

To download this work as a printable PDF, please click here

 © 2004 Mark Laliberte


* please note: the Editor's of this magazine DID NOT adhere to my request for this work to be published in its graphic form;
it was re-typset for publication, and contains the following textual error:

[ line 06, word 07 : the correct word is 'grace' not 'grave' ]