Montreal-Halifax Overnight (2003)

medium: travel case, mid-range speaker, electronic components, soundscape
dimensions: 21" x 40" x 23"

sound component: 17m03s

An antique travel trunk has been transformed into a large speaker bin; what is trapped inside the trunk is a snapshot set of personal memories, made accessible in an abstract, sonic form. Created from field recordings & collaged sonic elements, the recording is an aural representation of a trip the artist took in summer 2002 that gives 2 views of the train ride: an exterior viewing, and later, an interior one. The limitation of the original trunk object as a container for sound is purposefully exploited as waves of rolling sound emits from the face of the box; its heavy frame and its metal parts vibrate & rumble to the bass moments, taking on a kind of physical manifestation of the train's journey on the tracks.

The work is ideally presented in a large room, vibrating in the centre of the space in dim lights, with only a sparse spotlight shining down onto it.