Pillow Scenes (1996- 2001)

- installation consists of a series of sleep portraits of imaginary characters in imaginary scenes
- each photograph 20" x 24" (before frames)
- a soundtrack for each character has been created containing a combination of ambient sound, music fragments, bits of text, etc.
- during presentation speaker-lined pillows are scattered around the exhibition space, each linked to a different photograph; to listen, the viewer mimics the position of sleep by laying their head on each pillow thus hearing the sound-narrative of the corresponding character

- experimental, psychological narratives based loosely around portraits of imaginary characters
- male or female characters presented in different bedroom scenes of a sometimes gentle / sometimes brutal nature
- each photographed character receives a looping soundtrack played off a pillow which in some way connects to the imagery within their narrative; the sound loop can be seen as a 'moment' or as a narrative symbol for constructing meaning (sometimes the loop will consist of ambient sound, sometimes it will be partly musical, sometimes it will consist of a text bite — like a line from a script — or full conversation)
- a way of stepping past the still photo / subverting the idea of a photograph as representative of a serene, captured 'moment'
- the viewer is an essential part of this work

• 'Mad Science', a short essay by Ivan Jurakic (from the 'Pillow Scenes 1-2-3' brochure published by Hamilton Artist Inc [ISBN 0-9698141-8-6] )
• 'Soundscapes for Dumb Submission', a long essay by Lorenzo Buj (June 2000)
• 'Dead Asleep', an article by Dale L. Sproule (Rue Morgue magazine, October 2000)
• a review of this exhibition by Victoria Miecznikowski (ID Magazine)
• various reviews of the Pillow Scenes CD/catalogue


Title Pillow Scenes: sound sampler (collage of 5 scenes excerpted)
Size 1 MB
Length 1m06s
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images: (L) installation view from 'Pillow Scenes Six: Labyrinth' @ Thames Art Gallery, 2000; (M+R) installation views @ Struts Gallery, 1997


image: Laliberte with guest at Latitude 53 (Edmonton) opening reception, 1999

image: Laliberte with two spectators at Artseen 6 (Windsor, ON) opening reception, 1998

The artist would like to thank the following people for their assistance in the creation & presentation of this series along the way:

Models and Voices:
Anonymous. Chandra Boon. Leesa Bringas. Christine Burchnall. Yasmin Cokecleglu. Marnie Cossarini. Athena Colman. Laura Delfarro. Amy Friend. Bart Gazzola. Marie Graff. Jason Hinek. Bill James. Fred and Kathy. Rachelle Viader Knowles. Mark Laliberte. Aaron Linton. Chris Mangin. Katherine Mayville. Hedy Minton. Gustave Morin. Vincent Pipitone. Red Zone Girls. Lisa and Nadia Schwartzentruber. Rachel Shore. Marko Stipanicic. Marta Trzeciak. Stacey Lee Wigle. Various appropriated or unidentifiable voices.

• Scene One, @ Artcite Inc (Windsor, ON): Christine Burchnall and Chris McNamara for assists; the Selections Committee for giving a young artist a place to call his own
• Scene Two [Chance Narrations], @ Struts Gallery (Sackville, NB): Greg Elgstrand and his wife Sara Graham for their hospitality / assists; Erik Edson and Andrea Mortson for their company in this small town
• Scene Three [A Growing Confusion], @ Hamilton Artists Inc (Hamilton, ON): Dermot Wilson / Ann Clendenning for their gracious hospitality; Ray Cinovskis for installation assists above and beyond the call of duty; Ivan Jurakic for his entertaining and creatively accurate 'Mad Science' introductory text [ISBN 0-9698141-8-6]
• Scene Four [The Falling Dream], @ Latitude 53 (Edmonton, AB): Todd Janes and the entire gallery crew for professionalism, generousity and assists; Maureen Fenniak for her interesting monograph text; Cindy Baker for taking me to the Edmonton mall on down time
• Scene Five [The Beauty Shield], @ Gallery Connexion (Fredericton, NB): headaches, deceit and damaged artwork / the only failing grade in this entire campaign
• Scene Six [Labyrinth], @ Thames Art Gallery (Chatham, ON): Carl Lavoy for keeping a close eye on things and for taking a risk on this specialized catalogue; Lorenzo Buj for his in depth analysis of this series; Otto Buj for help on the production of this booklet; Christopher Bissonnette for occasionally lending a critical ear.