appearance in Badge Button Pin (2008):

POPNOIR.CA 1" Button Series featured in the book Badge Button Pin
Curated by Gavin Lucas / Designed by Nathan Gale
Published by Laurence King Publishing

200 x 200mm, 128 pages, 500 illustrations in colour, perfect-bound paperback
ISBN 13: 978 1 85669 409 4 / ISBN 10: 1 85669 409 7

Badges, buttons and pins have been around for over a century. Today they're everywhere: on lapels and bags all over the world and in the sketchbooks and on the screens of some of the hottest graphic designers, artists and illustrators. A badge can be a cheap and easy way to display political or cultural affiliations or it can simply be a fashion accessory. Cheap to produce and easy to make at home, the humble badge is the new T-shirt. A guide to the best and most beautiful badges being produced right now — be they graphic, textual or plain illustrative — this book explores the rich variety of uses of the badge since the year 2000 — whether it be promotion, revenue-raising or simply decorative. It will appeal to graphic designers, illustrators, fashion designers, artists, music lovers and badge enthusiasts of all ages.

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