Nervous Transfer (for 'City of the Future')

Title nervous transfer (2003)
Size 4.58MB
Length 4m59s

Composition Statement (d./ 5.15.03):
1) source sounds were generated from microsound COTF project sample (which was in itself sourced from Tarkovsky's Solaris);
2) an extremely small(TM) microphone was then electromagnetically fastened to the spectral field surrounding a singular semi-melodic sound loop (hereafter represented as sound file-X);
3) sound file-X was then sent to/from a strategically planned A to B point, purposefully routed across a complex pathway along the electrical nervous system of the subject city (precisely located at 42°N+83°W);
4) an audio wire-tap of the mic . signal was put to this file transfer, accurately capturing all friction, deterioration & any mutated responses witnessed during sf-X's high-speed travels;
5) the resulting recording — in its entirety — was given over to the internet for public consumption as a 'composition' by a member of the atonal minority.

About the City of the Future Project :
- 41 MP3 tracks created in 2003 by a collection of international sound artists made available exclusively online as free 128kbps 44.1kHz stereo files; more than 2 hours of music was created for this project.
- all compositions created for this compilation are based entirely on treatments of the sound-palette found in a single sequence from Andrei Tarkovsky's 'Solaris' film (1972). Each participant had access to the sound segment appropriated from 'the city of the future' sequence of the film — as it is titled on the DVD release; the entire scene in question is recorded from the point of view of the astronaut as he drives to the city on the highway. Compositions were limited to a maximum of six minutes in length; no other limitations were expressed.
- this .microsound project was initiated by veteran electronic musician Kim Cascone