Postscriptus (2013)

medium: full-colour laser mini-comic (open edition / saddle-stitch)
dimensions: 5.5"H x 4.25"W

Editioned as La Bande Détournée #3, a series exploring new comics created exclusively through the use/misuse of pre-existing ones — Postscriptus is an homage sequence that merges the very first 'Peanuts' 4-panel strip (released Oct 02, 1950) with its rainy-day ending which came about some 50 years later; note that the title of the work is presented within this mini exclusively as P … S ®, referencing the title of the original strip, the start and end points of the sequence, and the notoriously protective nature of this monumental cartoon brand.

:::::::::: released by Emunctory of Dreams Press