:::::::::: projection at Gallery Lambton – Sarnia (2009) small loop (silent) of a few animation frames :::::::::: Fly Gallery – Toronto (2005)  

Twitch (2002)

medium: single-channel video + sound
dimensions: variable; presented in public window spaces with external sound source

:::::::::: A kind of a spastic facial breakdown that runs its viewer through a broad range of feminine emotion & cartoon muscle twitching in a condensed amount of time... a moment of public hysteria designed to interact with street traffic. This work was originally shown as a silent loop at Forest City Gallery (London, ON) window space in early 2003; the project was reworked in 2005 to include a newly integrated sonic element.


Saturday, June 25, 2005:
The Big Picture 37 by R.M. Vaughan

The ever-dependable Fly Gallery – a broom closet-sized window box sandwiched between the Gladstone Hotel and it’s evil twin the Drake Hotel – is clearly building its programming around the summer movie schedule.

A week before Nicole Kidman makes another 50 million playing the facially flexible Samantha in the remake of Bewitched, video artist Mark Laliberte offers a much lower budget version of the same nose shaking shtick – one that will take a lot less time (and, I suspect, patience) to view.

Twitch is a simple and simply animated video depicting a non-descript woman whose face is spasmodically contorted by a series of pouts, eye pops, grimaces, and blinks (which more or less sums up the art of acting). As the face re-arranges itself, an Atari-era soundtrack of computerized beeps and burps sings along to the show.

Simultaneously cute and disturbing, Twitch manages to reference the vile demands of the modeling industry, 70’s NFB animation, cheesy synth pop, fashion illustration, second wave feminism and the ravages of Tourette’s syndrome in just two succinct minutes.

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